Flying Fish and other Water Sports – Our LAST Day in Asia! Bali, Indonesia

This is it! The last day in Bali and the last day of our entire Asia trip!

Let’s go out with a bang: Bali water sports!

Yes, that’s right: above, you do see an inflatable boat in the air. What’s going on here?

We start our journey by getting on the boat… the BANANA boat (yeah)! 🍌🚤

Next up, we switch from a banana to a donut. 🍩

How about something more ridiculous? A flying fish!

We’re really flying now! No stopping us as we solo parasail next!

🎉 What a rush!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We must say Goodbye to Bali and Asia, but maybe after one more tan on the beach.

You blew our minds, Asia! We have memories that will last a lifetime! We’ve been inspired and energized on this adventure. Where in the world will we go next?

Thank you for following us!

– Jennifer and Harold

2 thoughts on “Flying Fish and other Water Sports – Our LAST Day in Asia! Bali, Indonesia

  1. Flying Fish OMG, Flying boat What! Now you can say you were in a Banana Boat. The speed along would kill me. Yikes you are flying. What a view breathtaking. I am so thrilled that you had us along the ride for this outstanding trip. I truly felt like I was there with you and I have seen and learn so much from you thank you. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world following you. Also gave me peace of mind. So glad you had this opportunity to make this trip which will be memory to last you a lifetime. But I am also so glad to see you come back home we all missed you and feel happy to know you are coming home. Enjoy love ya God bless was my words always now its thank God they are coming home. Safe trip love ya see you soon, can’t wait. Thank you God for watching over them. Love ya Mom

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