Lama Temple and Peking Duck, Beijing, China

The Lama (Yonge) Temple is a lamasery of Tibetan Buddhism, a monastery for Tibetan monks. It also used to be an imperial palace, influencing the temple’s architecture.

When we walked in, we were provided a free bundle of incense to add to the  massive piles raging throughout the temple. As an active temple, there were people praying all around.




The temple holds a Guinness World Record for its Maitreya Buddha statue. The statue stands at 26 meters tall and is made of a single piece of white sandalwood! Each toe is the size of a pillow! ­čś▓


After meandering through hutongs, we had a delicious Peking duck dinner at a famous Beijing roast duck restaurant, once visited by Fidel Castro.






There sure isn’t a lack of roast duck in Beijing!


One thought on “Lama Temple and Peking Duck, Beijing, China

  1. The temple is like going to church, glad you guys went and prayed for your travels. That must have been a tall statue of Budda if the toe is as large as a pillow. Now you are talking Peking Duck, yummy. Those hanging ducks in the window remind me of China town in NYC. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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