Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Getting to Railay Beach from Bangkok, despite only being an hour plane ride away, takes a surprising amount of transport!

First, we took a reserved taxi to the Bangkok airport at 5 a.m.

Flying Thai Airways!

Then, we got a shuttle van to drive us to the pier.

THEN, since Railay Beach is only accessible by boat, we must hop on.

Yup, our luggage is still with us!

Once we arrive at Railay Beach, we get on a tractor.

Yes, that’s taxi to plane to van to boat to tractor.

The hotel, despite being one of the more economical stays in the area, is very nice!

You can see the rock climbers from the patio!

Railay Beach, with so many limestone cliffs, is a rock climber’s dream, and many people come here just for that.

So do the monkeys.

But the best part are all the beautiful beaches!

We were out here enjoying the natural sights until nightfall.

3 thoughts on “Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

  1. That is some private beach. Never heard of taking a taxi, plane, boat, then tractor to get to a beach. But it must have been worth it. Nice accommodations. Beautiful view of the climbers and the monkeys. It looks like a beach from a movie with those cliffs and rock formation. So lovely during the day as well as night. Enjoy love ya God bless

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