Yick Fat Building, Hong Kong

The Yick Fat public tenement building and its claustrophobic central courtyard are iconic for Hong Kong. The building is often featured in movies and on TV.

It feels like a concrete cage and a bit like a laundromat with so many people drying their clothes. 😄





Meanwhile, on the modern side of town, everyone is waiting in line and getting their holiday shopping done early in Times Square.



Get a bite to eat here before it’s all gone!



And that’s it for Hong Kong! Tomorrow… Vietnam!

2 thoughts on “Yick Fat Building, Hong Kong

  1. OMG if that isn’t close quarters reminds me of apartments buildings but even more of them on top of each other. Guess the Christmas shopping is getting hectic there like here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday which we just had. Good shopping and don’t spend too much. See you on your next venture Vietnam Bon Voyage enjoyed your pictures and comments in Hong Kong. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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