Annyeong South Korea, Nǐ hǎo China

We landed in Beijing on a quick flight from Seoul. The accommodations we booked are a welcome change from the ones we’ve had recently (that were barely larger than the twin-sized bed squeezed inside). Now is when the budget starts going a little further! We stayed at The Jingtailong International Hotel, below.



It’s quite chilly here this time of year, but we headed out for a preview of Tian’anmen Square.





After that, we searched for the perfect restaurant spot through the old foody streets that are currently being modernized.



4 thoughts on “Annyeong South Korea, Nǐ hǎo China

  1. Very roomy accommodations bet it was rewarding. The famous Tian’ anmen Square that awesome. You said its its chilly there, is it like fall weather or almost winter? Enjoy love ya both God bless

    1. Delicious! We thought it would all be strange, but if you order a sauced chicken or beef stew, it ends up being recognizable, spiced authentically, and easy on the stomach. Gotta be careful though: The portion sizes are family-size!

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