Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka is unlike Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima: the city is not as well-known, and without as much tourism, it instantly feels like a Japanese city well-suited for permanent residence or raising a family.

The sea breeze is fresh, the grass green, and family members everywhere look completely blissful waiting in line at the local ramen shop, walking their dogs, or getting a jog in. Does anyone work around here?



After some tasty fuel, we headed to Fukuoka Castle, which is notable for perhaps never having existed at all. Just the stone base is present, though people speculate that a castle used to stand there next to these small turrets. Either way, the views are great!




Fukuoka has beautiful inner and seaside parks, such as Ōhori Park, which is a long, narrow stripe of tree-laden land on a lake.




Fukuoka takes all the lights, taxis, and craziness of Tokyo and swaps them out for a suburban paradise.



2 thoughts on “Fukuoka, Japan

  1. Fukuoka seems to be like the suburbs of Tokyo and all the other places you have gone to. Family living away from the hustle and bustle. Away from the ancient places. Looks like a nice place to live. Nice view around the lake. You guys look good and rested. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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