Golden temples and much richer things, Kyoto

Kyoto, being one of Japan’s oldest former capitals, is rich with history and culture. In the morning, we visited one of its crowning jewels: Kinkaju-ji “Golden Pavilion”. It’s covered in gold! img_7195 img_7197 img_9692

It’s not as shiny, but the next stop Nijō-jō castle was an interesting tour of history. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the home of the first Tokugawa Shogun (warlord generals). It has a certain heavy atmosphere as you walk through the different rooms with decorated sliding doors where shogun leaders would strategize their next moves. (Like some sites, photography is not allowed inside).img_7213 img_7216 img_7220 img_7225 img_7226 img_7227

At night, we took a tour of Kyoto and Japanese culture including a tea ceremony, koto playing, flower arrangement, traditional arts, and maiko dances.img_9715 img_9716 img_7245 img_7254 img_7264 img_7266 img_7279 img_7287

After the show, we took a stroll around Kyoto.img_9738 img_7312

2 thoughts on “Golden temples and much richer things, Kyoto

  1. Can’t believe that the pavilion is covered in gold, must be like a mansion.Shame couldn’t take pictures of the sites from the Shogun leaders moves. But must have been awesome to see. Those costumes are so rich in history. What are they doing to that man on the stick? These women look like porcelain dolls, gorgeous outfits. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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