Kyoto’s Serene Temples

Kyoto, sometimes called “The Walking City”, has plenty to see on foot. Today, we took a tour of the eastern side of town and its temples, including a walk along the Philosopher’s Path.

The first stop was Chion-in, whose San-mon gate (and ringing bell) are the largest in Japan.image image image image image

Below is Nanzen-ji, Zen Buddist temple and its ancient aqueducts.image image image

Later on, H┼Źnen-in, Ginkaku-ji, and smaller temples with their peaceful landscape gardens and beautiful scenery made for a relaxing, contemplative day.image image image image image image image

At night, we took a stroll around Gion, where geishas are sometimes spotted, and indeed we were lucky enough to see some in the busy streets!image image

2 thoughts on “Kyoto’s Serene Temples

  1. Such beautiful architect and are those lilies? The landscaping is so serene and comforting. Wow got to see Geisha girls don’t they look like porcelain dolls. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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