Grand Palace and Buddhist Temples, Bangkok, Thailand

On our way via water taxi to visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha!

First, we arrive at the temple.

Gold everywhere! The emerald Buddha is inside of the above building. Photos weren’t allowed, but let’s just say there is as much gold inside as outside.

When we reached the Grand Palace, there were long lines of Thai citizens paying their respects to the late king who sadly passed recently after 70 years of reign.

Wat Arun is currently under construction, but still looks impressive at this stage!

A hop and skip through Chinatown…

… and we behold the solid gold sitting Buddha in Wat Trai Mit, largest of its kind.

One thought on “Grand Palace and Buddhist Temples, Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Love your close up picture of you guys. The design of these temples are unique and detailed. One of them looks like a bell the one Jennifer is standing in front of .So much gold, blinding. James Bond would love it here, Gold Finger! Wonder how much gold they used on the Budda and its weight. Hi Harold see you at the window. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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