Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

It’s Christmas Day, and Jennifer’s dad and Uncle Michael are here in Bangkok! We met at Wat Pho, the temple housing the GIANT reclining Buddha.

The statue is so big, it’s going through the roof! There’s barely any space in the building not used by the Buddha.

The feet are bigger than we are, and made of mother of pearl.

The rest of the complex is just as spectacular!

Us at lunch and by the river!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. So happy to see you spent Christmas with the family. Did Santa bring you any other gifts? Wow that is some huge Budda, was she tired of sitting? Are those her toes, Wow. Hey a ferris wheel back to Coney Island. Spent Christmas with Ronnie and Carly and her family had a great time. Enjoy love ya God bless

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