Unique Limestone Isles of Krabi, Thailand

Today, we visited some of the islands around Railay Beach. First, we took a pitstop at Princess Cave to “get our feet wet”.

Rock climbers look like tiny ants up there!

When we took to the high seas, we stopped at a few islands like “Chicken Island”.

Depending on the water level, you can boat underneath this island.

One of the most aesthetic limestone isles is the one surrounding Poda Island.

After visiting the islands, we ditched our sandals for shoes and rock climbed  up to a great lookout point of Railay Beach.

2 thoughts on “Unique Limestone Isles of Krabi, Thailand

  1. Those limestone rock formations give me the creepes, the way they look with the hanging lime. That chicken island looks like it has a chicken head. The aqua blue water is so beautiful. Look at you Jennifer at Poda Island, cool. Having to much fun guys in that water. Did you climb one of those limestone rocks crazy, but the view is awesome. Enjoy love ya God bless

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