Lea Cambodia, Sawasdee Thailand

Today, we said goodbye to Cambodia and packed for Thailand.

We must say, the tuk-tuks here have more horsepower than we’ve seen elsewhere! Oversized go-karts, really. 🏎

We checked into our hotel (Le Naview @Prasingh, below), which has a nice view of one of the famous temples in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is structured like a square grid, so we walked around a lot passing restaurants, shops, and temples.

We decided to eat at Riverside Restaurant which had beautiful ambiance near the river. Phad Thai!

3 thoughts on “Lea Cambodia, Sawasdee Thailand

  1. Bon Voyage onto Thailand. Nice accommodations, like the elephant towel on the bed just like the cruises we took. Nice view from the hotel. The food looks delicious. A toast for you two guys. Enjoy love ya God bless

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