Old Luoyang, China

We arrived in Luoyang (4 hours southwest of Beijing) via high-speed train. This is us going 300kph through the Chinese countryside! 🚄


Our first stop in Luoyang took us to old town, where street vendors are selling local delicacies and wares (as well as scorpions-on-a-stick, a la Beijing). 🦂



After entering through the main gates, the narrow streets are filled with commotion.


Some areas in old town, however, are quieter and have a nostalgic, almost bittersweet, character.





2 thoughts on “Old Luoyang, China

  1. Wow that is a crazy fast bullet speed train. Such an entrance to an area that looks very historical. Reminds me of Chinatown. Enjoy Love ya both God bless

  2. Hi, just a thought, it is always nice to have you in some of the pictures. You obviously have each other to take a picture and also the selfie stick is nice. Beautiful pictures and descriptions.

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