Om suastiastu, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

In the late afternoon, we said goodbye to Singapore and hello to Bali!

Ubud, Bali’s traditional and cultural hub, is far from the airport and the famous beaches of Bali (which we’ll be visiting next week). For now, we’re enjoying our stay at the Tebesaya Cottage.

Before going to sleep, we ventured for some local food at a place called Mama’s Restaurant. We even got to meet Mama herself! She cooked us up something tasty for dinner! 😍

2 thoughts on “Om suastiastu, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

  1. Bon Voyage safe trip. Wow can’t believe that 5 months have gone already. Now your last stop Bali. Such beautiful accommodations, so modern. Interesting dinner, what is it? The last picture looks like pastelles.
    Guess what I am going to miss writing on your blog and I enjoyed all that you share with us. What a trip but its not over yet so. Enjoy, love ya both God bless

    1. Thank you! We’ve loved reading all your comments throughout our Asia trip :).

      I think the dish was Nasi Campur.

      It’s been an unforgettable ride, and we’re excited for the journey home as well!

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