Culture and Cloud Forests, Singapore

Before heading to Gardens by the Bay, where a natural habitat called the Cloud Forest can be found, we walked through the plentiful multicultural streets of Singapore.

Above is the entertainment district of Clarke Quay, and below the sky gardens of the Park Royal.

Walking a bit more, we hit Chinatown.

A hop and a skip away was Masjid Sultan Mosque, where we were greeted by friendly volunteers.

Right next door, the muraled walls of restaurants made a great backdrop for an indie movie.

Why not stop by the Turkish restaurant on Arab Street? All this next to mosques and Buddhist temples.

And it continues for blocks!

After a short subway ride, we finally make it to the Cloud Forest!

This waterfall greenhouse was a lucious, surreal, and serene space to explore.

On the way back to the hotel, Singapore had a riverside treat in store.

2 thoughts on “Culture and Cloud Forests, Singapore

  1. The Clarke Quay looks like a convention center. Love the look of the greenery between the buildings. Colorful Chinatown. Wow to see a Mosque inside and out reminds me of the Disney movie Aladdin. Love the murals. Cloud Forest is like a big greenhouse. So breathtaking with all the levels to see it from and the waterfalls. Are those images in the water front? Enjoy love ya God bless

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