Plants, Animals, Escalators, Markets, and more, Hong Kong

We started the day with a leisurely walk through Hong Kong Park. More than just a walking space, it’s a dazzling mix of activities, in the heart of the city but still retaining a natural feel.

Overall, the amount of trees, flora, and lush greenspace in Hong Kong is pretty surprising!


Take the Botanical Gardens, which you can visit for free!


… or several (yes, several) amazing aviaries. Again, free!


We spent a ton of time in the zoological gardens (once again… free!), with a very impressive set of various swinging primates, flamingos, turtles, birds, and more! All at very close range, with very little traffic; it was a great way to connect with beautiful animals. Though they are caged, they all seemed happy and playful. Check out this enormous orangutan.


After watching monkeys swing around for what seemed like hours, we made a visit to Man Mo Temple, dedicated to the gods of war and literature. The incense here was intoxicating, in a good way! Coiled incense even hung from the ceiling.




Later, we explored SoHo and the Mid-levels of Hong Kong Island. The steep skyscraper-filled mountainside comes equipped with escalators for easy uphill travel. The area had a ton of great ethnic restaurants and foody shops along every avenue.





At night, we visited a few street markets, including Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Market in Mong┬áKok, where we haggled for some souvenirs and had a blast browsing!





2 thoughts on “Plants, Animals, Escalators, Markets, and more, Hong Kong

  1. Love the Botanical Gardens, enjoy seeing the stuff animals. The Zoo is always a fun place to visit. Boy the incense in the temple must have been potent. So Ho now I know where we got the name from in NYC. Escalators my kind of travel. Hong Kong looks so modern and more spacious compare to the other countries you visited. Wow cars! Sweet Shoppe my kind of shopping. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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