Shipwreck SCUBA Diving, Amed, Bali, Indonesia

Off the East coast of Bali and the black sand beaches of Amed lies a United States WWII shipwreck: the USAT Liberty.

The ship was torpedoed and beached in 1942, later sinking in the 1960’s due to a volcanic eruption on the island.

But the Liberty now serves as a great shipwreck dive, with tons of fish and vegetation to admire.

Thank you to Adventure Divers Bali for showing us around! 🐠🦑🦀🐙🌱

We never miss an opportunity to be goofy… even under water 😀.

One thought on “Shipwreck SCUBA Diving, Amed, Bali, Indonesia

  1. Wow diving and seeing a shipwreck, that is a blast. You guys look like professional divers. must have been fun. The marine life must have been interesting. How deep did you guys go? Love the underwater pictures so clear and the video on FB that was awesome too. Enjoy love ya God bless

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