Landmarks of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

We arrived in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, via taxi from Ubud. First, we checked out the hotel suite. $39 USD gets you this!

Denpasar has both Balinesian and Hindu influences in its arts and culture.

One great example is Denpasar’s iconic Hindu temple Pura Jagatnatha. While it is technically a Hindu temple, it has a distinctly Balinese flare.

Even the instruments nearby are traditional Balinese.

On our way to another landmark, we passed by an enormous city park where hundreds of people were exercising.

We soon arrived at the Bajra Sandhi Monument.

It’s located in front of the Bali Governor’s office and was built as a monument to the struggle of the Balinese people. You can get great views of the area from atop the spire!

If you look closely, you can spot people playing soccer and doing yoga.

4 thoughts on “Landmarks of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

  1. Wow great accommodations for such a good price. The statues on the temple look like they are dressed. It really looks ancient. Love the gold interior. The monument looks like an entrance to a mystery realm. Are you guys the only ones there? How in the world do you find these unique places? Nice view from the monument of the surrounding area. Enjoy Love ya both God bless

  2. Jen and Harold, Asia is awesome. I’ve been to many of the places you’ve been, taking the same pix! Only the sightseeing I did is more towards older people than younger people. (No diving and things like that.) I loved Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Amed, Denpasar, Bangkok, Phuket (my favorite night scene) Patong Beach and on and on. All temples and markets are fab. I’ve been to some several times like the Buddha where we met. Way up in the mountains (like a three hour ride) of Bali is a huge lake with low flying clouds. A huge temple comes out of the water. This temple is on the back of all Balinese paper money. Stunning. You have memories of a lifetime as I do. I’ll be going back in May for my fifth trip!! Home safe!!

  3. Jen and Harold, Oh yes, I did get daring and do elephant rides throughout the parks. It was wonderful meeting you guys for Christmas and Christmas dinner.

    P.S. I had my teeth whitened in Patong Beach for your wedding!! We just stayed at a villa with an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific in Amed. Grand!!

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