Tokyo Game Show

As luck would have it, our stay in Tokyo would coincide with the Tokyo Game Show. Famous for major next-gen gaming announcements and live playable demos, it’s one of the world’s top gaming conventions.


You can’t forget the show girls posing in front of video game and energy drink brands. Konami girl below. image

Hot ticket items this year: virtual reality gaming, such as Biohazard (Resident Evil) VR for PS4.image

Don’t forget to snag a pic with cosplayers (fans who dress up as their favorite characters), here a couple as Link and Dark Link.image  image

While Harold preferred info on games like Mafia III, Jennifer couldn’t look away from the romance simulation area. Below, a live action version of the game where Japanese girls playing the role of a secretary allow themselves to be seduced by The Boss (chair swiveling included).image image

To end the day, we ate an Asakusa traditional dish (loach) with sake at a traditional Japanese restaurant sitting on tatami mats.image

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show

  1. Well that is interesting looks like the Japanese are into a lot of games and there characters. Don’t get what the Konami girls are selling. What is that all about the Romance simulation what is going on there. The Asakusa food looks interesting but not my cup of tea but I bet you guys enjoyed it. Enjoy love ya both God bless

    1. Romance simulations are video games where you go on dates with bachelors and bachelorettes, and try to get them to go out with you. Our favorite was Office Lover 2 🙂

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