Sumo Tournament Preview and Kabuki Theater

Just a 10 minute walk from our hotel is the famed sumo tournament building, where sumo wrestlers are gearing up for the grand tournament on September 25. We caught a glimpse of them outside the arena, and plan to attend a tournament tomorrow. Their fashion is myriad and impeccable.image image image image image image image image

In the afternoon, we watched a kabuki play at the Kabuki-za Theater. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese play with strange voices, archic Japanese, and an all-male cast (including women parts). No filming is allowed inside, but this is the outside of the theater.image image

4 thoughts on “Sumo Tournament Preview and Kabuki Theater

  1. Oh Man I surely won’t mess around with those Sumo fighters, they look kind of large. Shame they won’t allow filming in the theater that would have been nice to see all male performers with women parts. Wow. Enjoy love ya both God bless.

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