Mt. Fuji: Shy but Beautiful

In the wake of recent Asian Pacific typhoons, the days in Japan have been pretty rainy, but today seemed like we would get a bit of sunshine. We headed to Mt. Fuji by train to take a look.image

There’s a great gondola in the town of Kawaguchiko that’ll take you up a mountain for spectacular views of the valleys in this part of Honshū.image image image

You can even see a full view of an amazing-looking roller-coaster theme park, just a few minutes (or one train station) away. image

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen: Mt. Fuji!image

Yes, it’s 100% there. Mt. Fuji’s cap was unfortunately occluded by clouds today. But what can you do! The views of the surrounding areas are still spectacular, and the twisty turning train ride across the mountains and villages in Japan was a treat in itself. image image image image image image image


Edit 9/27/16: We finally got to see Mt. Fuji on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto!


One thought on “Mt. Fuji: Shy but Beautiful

  1. What a view of Mt. Fuji shame it was an overcast day but still great shots. Hey Jennifer how did you get your face on that wooden piece? Didn’t you say you wanted to climb Mt. Fuju someday well do you think you can do it? I think you can. You guys look good and rested. Love the shot with the bell between you guys looks like a heart shape. Enjoy Love ya God bless

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