Old Phuket Town, Thailand

After a delicious Thai brunch, we took the open-air bus from Patong Beach to Phuket Town. It only took an hour and the drive from one coast to the other was half the fun.

Old Phuket, as you can see, has a small-town feel, featuring colorful Sino-Portuguese architecture.

You can even visit the old post office which is still standing somehow. It now contains a small museum.

There are quite a lot of old-timey coffee shops with antique radios where you can get hyper-sweet Thai iced teas (Jennifer’s favorite!).

At night on Patong Beach, it was time for an update at this local barbershop.

Next stop: Malaysia!

2 thoughts on “Old Phuket Town, Thailand

  1. Very interesting architecture, looks like an older town. Nice haircut Harold. Hey is that you Jennifer working at the Post Office? Bon Voyage next stop Malaysia safe trip see you then. Enjoy love ya God bless

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