Wartime Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon, used to be the capital of South Vietnam. It now bears some of the best wartime museums in Vietnam. As a communist-socialist country, the news and museums can be one-sided, but it’s interesting nevertheless.

When Independence Palace (home to South Vietnam’s President) was taken over by the North Vietnamese, it marked the end of the Vietnam War and the withdrawal of the United States’ involvement. The palace is now a museum.










We also visited the War Remnants Museum which focuses on the Vietnam War, the United States’ involvement, and the war’s legacy.



The museum showed some of the brutal actions taken during the war, including bombing with Agent Orange, affecting generations of Vietnamese people with birth defects.



It is both fascinating and sad, proving there are never truly “winners” in war.

One thought on “Wartime Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  1. The Palace is a symbol of luxury, very exquisite but the rest of the country was to be seen.Now a museum of its history. Seeing the remnants of the Vietnam War Museum is so heart breaking because of living thru that time and not knowing all the horrors of that war, but seeing it on TV and watching the caskets come back home on the planes was devastating for all. They have a yearly memorial called the Moving Wall in Wickham Park in Melbourne Fla. They have remnants from the war and the soldiers who fought in that war. I go to it every year. The moving wall has all the names of the deceased military in that war. No one wins in any war. Hope we learn from this war. Love ya both God bless

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