Gangnam Style – Pt. 2

We returned to Gangnam today to check out Kukkiwon, the world Taekwondo headquarters.

Along with an arena, they have an extensive collection of memorabilia from past Olympics and tournaments.






We also visited the headquarters of Samsung, where you can play with all their latest gadgets. They had a VR rollercoaster with feedback chairs that was impressive! 👍




Heading back to the real world, we browsed the pricy area near K-Star Road, with stores like Gucci, Fendi, and Givenchy. 💸




2 thoughts on “Gangnam Style – Pt. 2

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m sure you will remember this very special birthday forever. By the way, when I say you I’m talking about both of you of course except for this one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well how to you like that the Headquarters to Taekwondo, Ronnie would have gone crazy there since he got up to his green or brown belt. His coach was from South Korea. Harold must have been in his glory with the latest gadgets from Samsung headquarters, hope you didn’t buy the I Phone 7 from them cause it explodes into flames yikes. Though you guys look like you had fun there. Wishing you an early Happy Birthday Harold hope you enjoy and have fun tomorrow. Enjoy love ya both God bless

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