The Bountiful and Beautiful: Singapore

In our first day in Singapore, we explored its vast urban jungle. The city is stunningly immaculate; it is perfectly calculated, yet thoroughly surprising. Check out the view from The Westin Singapore!

There is a harmonious balance of urban and natural settings throughout the city.

In the evening, we couldn’t help but be drawn to these “trees” in the distance.

What we found was an Avatar-esque psychedelic tropical landscape.

… And light-show!

What a city! 😯 And we’ve only scratched the surface…

3 thoughts on “The Bountiful and Beautiful: Singapore

  1. Those 3 Buildings look like they have a sailboat on top of them. Such interesting architecture. Everything seems so well structured and clean. Beautiful day looks like a little NYC harbor, as little of London England and a little Australia. Those trees truly make you feel like your are in the Avator movie. So beautiful at night great shots. Enjoy love ya God bless

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