Sentosa Island and Singapore Night Safari, Singapore

Singapore has one main island, but it’s actually composed of dozens of islands. One of these, Sentosa, is completely designed around entertainment.

Here, you can find Universal Studios Singapore, among other thrill ride centers.

But you can just as easily find the beach!

Looks like we hit the end of the line.

After returning to the main island, at night we entered the Singapore Night Safari, an open concept nocturnal zoo.

So many animals, from African elephants to insects! Can you spot the bear in this photo?

Our favorite exhibit was being able to stand right next to these giant fruit bats!

Not only do you get to walk right next to most animals, but the shows were pretty interesting too.

Just don’t fall into this pond!

One thought on “Sentosa Island and Singapore Night Safari, Singapore

  1. Wow what a surprise Universal Studios in Singapore. Lovely beach and what a long wooden bridge to the end of a continent, just like the keys in Florida. Love the zoo especially seeing it at night is so much more interesting. Not so cool about the bats. Enjoy love ya both God bless

    I am writing this on January 11th Ronnie’s birthday hope you guys got a chance to wish him a Happy Birthday from beautiful Singapore

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